software quality assurance

Software Quality Assurance

software quality assurance

We have 20 years of software testing experience and possess a 150-member team who believe and build tests based on the below paradigms:

customer experience

Customer experience focused
requirements analysis, testing approach and development methodology (BDD / TDD)

domain experts

Early validation of customer requirements through discussions with domain experts (shift left was coined much later)

multiple levels of testing

Test Strategy that includes multi level testing (starts with visual, accessibility, usability and compliance, proceeds to functional and integration, followed by system, security and regression, performance and finally exploratory)

early testing

Focus on early testing for functionality and performance (unit and acceptance tests)

test management

Test and defect management using tools for better quality control

mobile testing

In-house mobile testing and
Docker based platform certification lab besides using responsive tools

effective manual testing

Effective manual testing aided by tools such as ExamDiffPro, Firebug, Developer Tools, GhostInspector, Postman, Charles, Fiddler and more

exhaustive test automation

Exhaustive test automation in Functional testing, Web services Testing, User interface and Content testing, Performance testing, Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing

application monitoring

Application monitoring and gathering analytics for best customer experience after release (shift right)

application dashboard

Early insights through quality assurance dashboards based on metrics such as Defect Density, Defect Injection, Defect Reopen, Test Coverage, Defect Distribution, Defect Containment, Projected Project End

knowledge sharing

Effective knowledge sharing among the team members for sustained quality delivery

testing niche technologies

Testing niche technologies such as mobile technologies, enterprise application integrations, data analytics, data migration, cloud based implementation and chat bots

Exhaustive test automation in:

Functional Testing using Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, Protractor, UFT

Web services testing using JMeter, SOAPUI and LoadUI

Visual testing using 508 Checker, Sikuli Script, ApplitoolsEyes

Performance testing and monitoring using JMeter, LoadRunner and Nagios

Security testing using OWASP ZAP, Wireshark, Burpsuite

Continuous Integration and Continuous Platform Certification using Jenkins and Docker

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