Javascript Validations in
Acrobat Editable Forms



Our client is a leading international banking group and ranked among the top 20 in the FTSE-100 by market capitalisation.


Client was digitizing their new hire documentation process. They wanted a technology solution that did not create a new application. They also wanted comprehensive user data validation as a part of the technology solution.
They were looking for a vendor who understood government regulatory documentation relevant to hiring and who could provide an open source tool based solution that can be accessed by its new hires in any part of the country.

Key Highlights

Key Successes:

  • Our technology selection
  • Our end user validations

Industry Vertical: Banking

Domain: Hiring

Duration: 2 Months

Team Size: 6

Developed using Adobe Acrobat Document Pro and JavaScript

Windows, Adobe Reader 8 and above

Our Challenges

Their existing system was based on printed documentation that was filled by new hires as guided by human resource personnel:

  • The existing design required several changes to enable online filling with the approval of the compliance department of the bank.
  • Adobe’s support for JavaScript was not exhaustive as compared to other web development technologies.
  • We had to meticulously factor all possible user actions and user options into the JavaScript validations.
  • Since it was to be filled by new hires at the comfort of their homes, the Windows operating system and Adobe Reader versions that had to be supported by our solution were many.

Our Approach:

  • We explored available technologies that create editable forms and selected Adobe tool.
  • Our web developers and quality engineers were quickly trained to develop and test with the Adobe tool.
  • We created comprehensive JavaScript validations related documentation after meticulous business analysis. Apart from client requirement we added features such as user data reuse in subsequent fields and user data summarization before form submission.
  • Simultaneously, we created exhaustive end user test scenarios and shared with the development team.
  • We completed form pages’ design and sought the bank’s compliance team approval before starting development.
  • However, we were ready with a development framework that could set properties to the Adobe form user interface objects from an external file to ease implementing any change requests.
  • Since our delivery was fast paced, we chose Docker to create and destroy our development and testing environments on the go.
  • We followed agile methodology and created daily builds that could be tested by the quality engineer across platforms right from day 1 of the project.
  • Integration testing revealed lesser defects as unit testing was diligently performed.
  • We pushed for early UAT after every 20% of the implementation was internally certified, as the client could not sign off the JavaScript validations documentation or the test scenarios. We delivered as per project plan.


We implemented 4000 lines of JavaScript validations across 30 form pages.

Unit defects11599
Integration defects4628
Platform defects1812
UAT defects62

Our Value Addition

There were about one hundred new hires every week and each new hire was filling 30 pages of printed forms in ink at the bank’s premises.
By our solution, we have brought about tremendous saving in terms of paper and time spent in inducting the new hires, as the form pages are now being filled by the new hires at their homes using freely distributed Adobe Reader.


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