Salesforce Lightning



Our client was Indian retail outlet of an American beverage corporation.


Client wanted to incorporate lightning components in the classic VisualForce pages without switching to lightning right after the SF Lightning platform was beta released.

Key Highlights

Key Successes:

  • Ease of use that improved user base

Industry Vertical: Manufacturing

Domain: FMCG

Duration: 1 Year

Team Size: 12


  • SF Classic platform
  • Lightning component
  • Aura framework
  • SLDS (CSS framework)
  • jQuery
  • HTML5 / CSS3


Our Challenges

  • Team was new to Lightning platform when SalesForce implemented Beta version in 2016.
  • Locker service limited our use of custom JavaScript code. Overcoming these limitations was our achievement.
  • Creation of modal dialogs and EventHandlers in lightning component was time consuming due to lack of technical documentation.
  • Deployment hardship with lightning components

Our Approach:

  • Continuous discussions with SalesForce architect who was stationed at client location improved our understanding & productivity.
  • Simplified our implementation by using custom JS frameworks like DragulaJS and Ajax.
  • Load balanced controller logic between JavaScript and Apex.
  • Overcame our deployment issues by using Jenkins (AutoRabbit).
  • Staffed the project with SF certified resources.
  • Executed in Agile (Scrum) methodology with 2-week sprints.


We implemented 50 new Apex classes, 4 workflows, 2 custom approval processes, 10 triggers, 5 batch classes and test classes were completed with minimum 80% test coverage.

ComponentTest Coverage
Apex Classes> 80%
Batch Classes> 80%
Triggers> 80%

Our Value Addition

We implemented the requirements and another vendor tested our implementation.

  • Customer satisfaction survey was recorded at 4.5/5.
  • The CRM usage improved from 5 /10 users to 200 users.

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