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Top Trends that are dominating the UI Design space:

When every touch point becomes an experience, the growing prominence of UI Designs can be understood. 2018 is already seeing many rebellions – and when it comes to User Interfaces, the stage is set to push boundaries, take risks and break the rules. Old styles, must-rules have gone in the brink while, big, bright and bold is ruling the game- full screen, ease of use, in your face and total immersion is what cuts now.

With our business of designing and implementing UX based UI design services for varied customers across boundaries empowering us, we have identified some top trends that are dominating the UI landscape and here are they:

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) impact:

These emerging technologies are having a considerable impact on UI design. Changing the way users interact with devices, their demand is expected to skyrocket, raising the bar much higher when it comes to user expectations. A flat, lifeless experience may cease to exist soon. Compelling, captivating and interactive designs that immerse you totally is what customers are looking forward to.

Image or Video, Full Screens rule:

Off the grid/boarder-less designs and full screen video is in vogue now. Thanks to the rise of augmented/virtual reality, today’s end users are keen and open to a fully immersive experience. For UI design, this means plenty of creative freedom. This year many such high-definition video content and high resolution images offering fluid flow are expected to take over our screens in a big way.

Typography? Go Big:

Not only video and images are going big, Typography is also making a presence by getting bigger. As usability, ease of use advocates keep increasing, text size is getting its final due. Big readable text sizes means less time searching, more time reading.

Vibrant Colors:

Muted tones and understated palettes are out. For UI, 2018 is going to be a year of colors. Bright colors like neon greens, hot pink, glowing yellow etc. are trending. UI designers are now enamored with a range of untried colour palettes, thanks to the likes of popular social media, sleek devices and high definition screens.

Long Scrolls, Long-Form Content:

When users are redirected to subpages, submenus or other buttons, they quickly lose interest and find it trying. A single fluid page carrying adequate content accessible in one long scroll makes thing easier for the browsers. It’s no wonder Long Scrolls and Long Form Content are much sought out by the UI designers.

To wrap up, 2018 will certainly be the year for UI. As user experience dominating the digital field, UI will rock the boardrooms forcing businesses to relook at their existing device and application UIs.

arun - ui designer

Contributed by:

Arun Krishnamoorthy
UI Designer

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