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user interface design

We have been designing application user interface based on customer usability nuances for 10 years and possess a 100-member UX/UI team who build user interfaces based on the below best practices:

Initial brainstorming sessions to identify business and user goals to create applicable design solutions

brainstorming web design

Incorporate data analysis findings from competitor bench marking and web analytics

data analysis - ui design

Imbibe visual principles, sketches, well known UI patterns, aesthetics through typography, color palette, animations and input validations in the prototypes

ui design patterns

Follow robust content strategies by understanding user jargons and user mediums to create stories, illustrations and videos backed by content audit and A/B testing

user stories - ux design

Responsive, interaction based layouts designed with performance for web, mobiles, wearables or data visualization

responsive web design
exhaustive research - web design

Exhaustive research through observation techniques and user interviews to build user persona, preferences, behavior and journeys

Wireframe - ui design

Create detailed wireframes, work flows and prototypes to show maximum features that address user functional & emotional needs

Interactive prototypes - ui design

Seek early validation through usability testing and A/B testing using the interactive prototypes

ux design

Evolve front-ends using latest tools and techniques across HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript frameworks and Web API to ensure the design is translated into a functioning code at the pixel level

ui and ux design

Effective training & support during application handover to help make customers completely worry-free

ui and ux design process

Extensive Tool Stack In:

Balsamiq, Axure RP, UXPin, Invision, Mockplus

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe After Effects CC

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, Foundation,
Material Design, Javascripts, Jquery, Vue JS, Angular JS

MS Office, Adobe After Effects CC, Canva

ui ux framework

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